Filming with Taiwan agency Albert Lan Creative

Un/seen Evergreen live on Google Play, a commercial, and our festival plans. What Shadeena is up to.

Un/seen Evergreen live on Android (and in St George’s Square)

The unseen evergreen

The Un/seen Evergreen, Malta’s first augmented reality sculpture, is now live on Android devices with the iOS version following shortly.

The tree sculpture that will be sprouting in Valletta will be invisible to the naked eye and can be interacted with through mobile devices bringing a new dimension to the existing landscape.

The project features art that takes up no physical space with no material limitations, creating endless possibilities with this medium. Responding to and depending on human interaction to live and thrive, the tree sculpture will no doubt start a dialogue about the relationship between humans and nature and the stewardship role that humanity can choose to step into.

Here’s the link on Google Play.

This project is possible thanks to the support of the Malta Arts Fund and Malta Arts Council.


International collaboration

Filming with Taiwan agency Albert Lan Creative

February has kept us happily busy as we worked long hours to produce the Maltese part of an international commercial directed by Taiwan-based agency Albert Lan Creative.

The Maltese shoot was produced in collaboration with Pineapple Media and involved on-screen talent from Models M with Ben Borg Cardona as Director of Photography.

We filmed in various locations across Malta including Valletta, the Grand Harbour, Mdina, Ghajn Tuffieha Beach and Floriana.

We’ll keep you posted about when the commercial is ready and set to be released around the globe.


Forums and Festivals

Following last year’s success and feedback, this year we will once again be visiting the European Short Pitch Co-production Forum in Luxembourg. This Forum is part of the Luxembourg City Film Festival and aimed at promoting the European coproduction of short films, bringing together industry professionals from across the continent. Participants will gather to collaborate, discuss, write and learn to promote film projects throughout Europe, eventually pitching to a panel of producers, financiers, buyers and distributors.

Shadeena participated and pitched in the 2011 version of the forum, which led to the production of Shab – To My Little Turtle. This year we hope to find new projects to support and collaborate on, helping other filmmakers bring their concepts into reality.

We will also once again be visiting the Cannes Film Festival in May with our eyes on meeting sales agents, mingling with other producers and discussing ways we can collaborate on productions, successful sales and financing models.