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Shadeena Rentals – Professional camera and lighting equipment now within your reach.

Gone are the days of agonisingly thinking about all the people you need to speak to, beg, convince, in order to obtain the equipment you desperately need for your production. That is when you could find the equipment anywhere…

Shadeena Films has just launched a new venture renting out camera and lighting equipment, letting audio-visual artists get on with what they do best: making productions.

The company, Shadeena Rentals, was a direct response to the frustrations experienced in the past when trying to procure audio-visual equipment.

Martin explains, “As a local film maker, renting equipment has always meant jumping through hoops and calling in favours. First off, there is no dedicated film gear rental outlet in Malta and the companies that have offered gear rentals never had organised price lists and instead would charge depending on your relationship and project. To make things worse most companies would bring additional equipment from abroad and charge you hundreds of Euros in shipping. I felt it was about time this changed.”

Aside from preventing many headaches, the availability of local, easily reachable equipment will greatly support the local film and audio-visual production industry by making high-end equipment accessible to all.

We all know how expensive Film & Audio-Visual productions are to make and very often a lot of that money goes into renting out or buying equipment.  Thanks to Shadeena Rentals and MaxMotion Rentals (another local rental company Shadeena collaborates with), high-end lights, cameras, lenses and grip equipment are now affordable for every kind of production. Shooting well and in 4k will no longer break the bank.

The equipment rental is available to any and all audio-visual artists who may need to use cameras and lights in their work. Companies large and small, beginners and experienced people from absolutely anywhere are welcome to rent the equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or big company, Shadeena is happy to help.

As Martin puts it, “If you’ve never used a 4k camera before you might need to get an introduction or some help using it. We’re always happy to inform our clients and make sure they’re safe and don’t risk losing their deposit. We’re also happy to advise on the best rental options or make adhoc kits depending on their needs.”

The equipment can be shipped to absolutely any location, obviously keeping price considerations in mind.

The rental service has the added benefit of a reward system where points are accumulated with every rental and can be used against subsequent orders to enjoy discounts.

New equipment and options are being constantly added to the inventory so please do check in regularly to keep updated with developments and of course feel free to ask about new equipment, advice and tips from the ever helpful Shadeena team who will be more than happy to help.

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