NotteBianca 2015 - Strait Street. Stills from this year's event - Shadeena

Our Notte Bianca 2015 Campaign

Shadeena Films is very proud to have, for the second time in a row, sponsored Notte Bianca’s marketing. The format was changed from last year’s and apart from the brand advert we also produced 5 mini clips that announced some of the events taking place. As the event’s 10 year anniversary, the campaign was focused on celebrating the past and anticipate what is coming up. Luckily, Yews lent us her beautiful track ‘Keep Trying Till It’s Something’ and Cygna lent us some aerial footage from 2014, taken on the launch of the Bellophone.

These two ingredients, joined by footage that we took in 2014 and footage from 2013, all came together to produce a very atmospheric clip announcing the 10th anniversary of Notte Bianca.

The clip was a resounding success with many people commenting on its elegance and atmosphere and it started getting people excited for this year’s edition of Notte Bianca.

Following this clip, the Arts Council asked us to create another 5 clips that listed some of the events that made it into this year’s programme. There is a big difference between commercials and announcements, something that people often confuse. In an age of almost infinite possibilities for entertainment, simply being there is not enough. So the question was, how could we tell people what’s happening, but also catch their attention and their imagination?

For this project, we figured we’d go back to Maltese roots, and proposed a set of clips that started with the same music and imagery from the brand advert, but quickly changed into the most typical of Maltese announcements – The Bigilla Call!. There were some complaints, but there was also a lot of excitment generated by these clips.

On the night of Notte Bianca, we once again sent out our crew to film Notte Bianca and soon we’ll be sending off the footage to the Arts Council for it to be filed and archived for the coming years.

NotteBianca 2015 - Strait Street. Stills from this year's event - Shadeena Notte Bianca 2015 - Stills from this year's footage - Shadeena