Media Coverage: Tele-Monkey

‘Tele-Monkey’ is Shadeena’s first stereoscopic 3D production. It is a 7 minute short film satirising the world of TV-Shopping and advertising. We explore the life of Joe who’s obsessed with trying to understand the meaning behind the world’s advertising. His every waking moment is consumed by sales and advertising and he hopes that one day soon, he’ll find and understand the truth.

Here’s what the media had to say about it.

Making a monkey out of advertising - Times of Malta

Monkey Business – Sunday Circle

Pushing The Boundaries – Manic!

A First in 3D Animation – Life & Style

Monkeying Around – Vida

Get ready for animation in 3D – TV Guide

L-ewwel Malti li holoq film 3D lokali – KulHadd

You can read more about Tele-Monkey here.